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Self Love

5 tips to overcome obstacles: how I overcame homelessness, domestic violence, paralysis and more. Image is Kylie Travers at the top of Mount Coolum when she is 16 weeks pregnant with her third child.

5 Tips to Overcome Obstacles

5 tips to overcome obstacles from a mother of 4 who went from homeless single mother to multiple international award-winning CEO and face natural disasters, paralysis and more!

How to Ask for Help

5 Tips to Make Asking for Help Easier Asking for help was one of the things I struggled with most of my life. I would push through, well past my breaking point and it never… Read More »How to Ask for Help

12 Tips for Happiness

Use these 12 tips to find happiness, improve your life and overcome obstacles.

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude. 3 Tips and 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Increase Gratitude and allow yourself to process feelings too.

Image of a bed with a lamp above.

How to Make Evenings Easier

5 Steps for the Ideal Evening Routine. Apply these tips to make your evening easier. Improve your mental health and make life more relaxing.