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Kylie Travers is an Experienced, Engaging Speaker who will Motivate your Audience to Be, Do and Achieve More, Despite any Obstacle

With her combination of personal experiences of homelessness, domestic violence, paralysis and other health issues, building multiple international award-winning businesses, helping raise $30,000,000 for charities, and blending a culturally, linguistically and neurodiverse family, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Attendees leave her presentations inspired and full of practical action they can implement in their own life. Her two most popular presentations are:

How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities To Accelerate Your Business and Life

This presentation draws on her personal experiences of overcoming extreme obstacles including:
domestic violence, homelessness as a single mother, paralysis and multiple surgeries to become a multiple international award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and charity ambassador.

As well as surviving the worst bushfires Australia has seen, then lockdown in the Solomon Islands, Cyclone Harold, repatriation and two close pregnancies with health issues. All while juggling parenting, getting a residency visa for her partner and being the sole income earner at the time.

Kylie shares exactly how she went from homeless to CEO and now having the freedom she has. She outlines 3 questions to ask yourself to turn any obstacle into an opportunity as well as her specific methods to achieve goals, advice to change your view and offers steps attendees can take immediately to improve their lives.

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Kylie Travers Speaking at FinCon about Blog Monetisation

Complete Money Makeover

Kylie loves talking about money, especially with those looking to make money on the side or around their kids. She shares ways anyone can make and save money, how to find the time to do it and how much you can make doing different things.

All of the options are combined with personal anecdotes and attendees are free to ask any question they wish for more personalised help regarding ways to make and save money. This is based on her popular site – The Thrifty Issue, which has been featured regularly in the media, including weekly on ABC Sunshine Coast.

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Kylie speaks at various events from small business conferences to Parliament House, Darling Harbour and conferences overseas.

Kylie Travers speaking at Share the Dignitea.

Topics Kylie Travers Can Speak On

Aside from her keynote, Kylie also does presentations on marketing, finance, travel, homelessness and parenting. You can select from her main keynote, topics below or suggest a topic you would like covered.

Marketing On A Shoestring

Small businesses rarely have much of a marketing budget but without marketing, your business won’t get seen! Kylie founded then sold an influencer marketing company and has worked with national and international governments, corporations, not for profits and small businesses. Learn 9 things you can do to market more effectively with virtually no budget. Have businesses reviewed live in the session and get tailored advice for attendees.

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How To Make Money Blogging

Kylie started a blog in 2009, which lead to a book contract with Wiley, speaking internationally on blogging, social media monetisation and ways to make and save money. As an influencer, she has worked with various brands including national and international tourism boards, finance companies and small businesses.

How to make money blogging provides practical steps with different ways to monetise a blog, how to create a strategy and how to market your blog and social media.

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*All speaker bookings are confirmed with a 50% non refundable deposit. Until payment is received, your booking is not confirmed.