How to Save Money at the Grocery Store as a Single Parent

Being a single parent isn’t easy. You are the sole provider for you and your children, and it’s your responsibility to keep everyone’s head above water, whether that means being able to afford something as simple as new clothes or something complicated like necessary surgeries, like those performed at Northwest Surgery Center. This is even apparent during your weekly grocery trips, as paying for all the food in the house yourself can cost a pretty penny. For single parents or anyone else that enjoys saving money, there are ways to reduce your grocery bill while still providing for your family.

Create a List

It’s easy to grab a cart with the intention of travelling to the cold section for milk and eggs only to become distracted by an eye-catching bag of potato chips. It’s only a dollar and some change, so why not? You throw it in the cart and continue down the aisle, but there’s also a package of Oreos calling your name, and a litre of soda, not to mention your favourite ice cream just begging to go home with you.

Everybody does this from time to time, but when this is your sole method of shopping, the bill can quickly add up. To prevent your trip to the store from costing double what it should, it helps to create a list before you even leave your home of the items you know you need. This might include bread, milk, eggs, and ingredients for dinner that week. This doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from the list if you come across something that you actually need, or even an item or two that you wouldn’t mind having around as a snack, but if you want to save money, stick to the list.

Forget Brand Names

If your goal is to save money on groceries, buying brand-name items isn’t the way to go. They are more expensive and often yield the same quality as their off-brand counterparts. That being said, there may be certain items in which you prefer the taste of the brand name, but in many cases, there is little to no difference. This is especially true of cereal and ingredients. Tring out cheaper alternatives to items you need or want is a great way to discover substitutions for things you need at a reduced price.

Get a Rewards Card

We’ve all been in the position where we get to the front of the checkout line and the cashier asks if we have a rewards card or if we’d like one, and because we’ve just gotten done shopping and don’t want to spend time doing so, we decline. Instead, by simply taking the time to fill out your email and information, you’ll gain access to a slew of rewards. This is extremely helpful if you predominantly shop at a single store, as each time you shop you will be putting effort towards these rewards programs in order to gain free groceries, discounted items, and much more. It’s worth the time and effort.

Save Money for You and Your Kids

The more money you have in your pocket to put towards your family, the better. By using these tips, you’ll be able to spend less money when purchasing grocery items and put that money to use in other areas of your life that could benefit you and your kids, such as additional groceries, doctor’s visits, a vacation for your kids, school supplies, and much, much more.

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