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    Easy Side Gigs to Make or Save Money

    Everyone loves to earn a little extra cash when they can. Some people have weekend hustles for a little extra money, while others have found ways to earn extra income from their couches.  If you’re in need of a new hobby that can earn you some money or quick and easy cash, check out these easy side gigs to make or save you money. The money you earn could be enough to take a beach vacation or get that update from Alpha Elite Roofing you’ve been putting off – the options are endless if you just know where to look.


    Thanks to the social barriers of Covid-19, services like DoorDash and Instacart don’t seem to be going anywhere. Dashers earn a base pay and 100% of the tip. Both DoorDash and Instacart offer various promotions where drivers and shoppers can earn extra depending on peak hours or the number of batches. The plus with both of these is you rarely have to deal with other people face to face. Shoppers and drivers are still using messages to communicate and contactless methods of delivery.

    Surveys and Captioning

    There are tons of sites that offer money for taking surveys. Companies that don’t have in-house research or can’t afford to hire it out still need to collect data through web browsers, online shopping habits, lifestyle habits, and feedback on marketing campaigns. Paying individuals per specific survey is the perfect way to do so. Very few people stay on the line after a phone call for a customer survey. It’s annoying and takes up too much personal time, but pay people for their time and they will definitely give feedback.

    Another easy way to earn money from your couch is by captioning programs online. When you turn on captions for YouTube or live broadcasts, there is someone furiously typing captions to keep up. Both surveys and captioning can be done from the comfort of your own home and with a lot of choice in the surveys you take or programs you caption. Put that couch potato lifestyle to use.

    Nothing At All

    The absolute best way to make money is by doing nothing at all. Instead of donating your well-kept clothes to GoodWill, consider taking them to a consignment shop or second-hand store. Gen Z is bringing thrifting back in a big way and reselling clothes is both economical and eco-friendly. Another great way to earn extra money is simply by taking pictures of your receipts and submitting them to reward sites like Fetch. Fetch encourages shoppers to submit pictures of receipts and earn reward points based on products purchased.

    Everyone can use a little extra cash and today’s digital world has made it increasingly easy to do so. Making an additional dollar is easy to do if you just know where to look. Happy hunting.