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20 Ways to Build Self Confidence

Have you ever noticed how successful people seem really confident? Do you struggle with confidence in yourself or your ideas? Use these 20 ideas to build your confidence

12 Tips for Happiness

Use these 12 tips to find happiness, improve your life and overcome obstacles.

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude. 3 Tips and 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Increase Gratitude and allow yourself to process feelings too.

Image of a bed with a lamp above.

How to Make Evenings Easier

5 Steps for the Ideal Evening Routine. Apply these tips to make your evening easier. Improve your mental health and make life more relaxing.

Image of smiling blonde Caucasian woman (kylie Travers) holding her smiling brunette 1 year old son. For article on 7 things that improved my mental health.

7 Things That Improved My Mental Health

7 key things that helped improve my mental health, what I did, how I did it and tips you can implement. I don’t want this article to be triggering so I left out the triggering specific details of my mental health struggles.