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Kylie Travers

Image of a bed with a lamp above.

How to Make Evenings Easier

5 Steps for the Ideal Evening Routine. Apply these tips to make your evening easier. Improve your mental health and make life more relaxing.

Image of smiling blonde Caucasian woman (kylie Travers) holding her smiling brunette 1 year old son. For article on 7 things that improved my mental health.

7 Things That Improved My Mental Health

7 key things that helped improve my mental health, what I did, how I did it and tips you can implement. I don’t want this article to be triggering so I left out the triggering specific details of my mental health struggles.

10 Steps to Success with Goals

10 steps to success with goals. How to create and achieve your goals to have a life you love. These exact tips ensured I went from homeless single mother to multiple international award winning CEO.

How to Afford Legal Fees and Custody

How to afford legal fees and custody. It gets expensive fighting for custody and sorting everything out. Here are 15 ways to make money, tips to save and tips to reduce your legal costs.

How to get Full Custody

How to get full custody shares exactly how I got full custody. The advice is based on situations where domestic abuse is involved.