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In a nutshell, I went from homeless single mother because of domestic violence to multiple international award-winning CEO, author, speaker and charity advocate. I overcame paralysis and other health issues then more recently, was evacuated from bushfires, locked down in the Solomon Islands and hit by Cyclone Harold before repatriating.

At the same time, I founded and sold a company, ran multiple businesses, spoke internationally, published books, raised $30,000,000 for my chosen charities, won numerous national and international awards plus after 7.5-years, I secured full custody of my daughters.

Now, I live in Noosa with my partner and 3 of our 4 children (his daughter lives in the Solomon Islands). I run a few websites, we have a business in Vanuatu along with 3 properties. Our life is free, fun and flexible.

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Over the years I have founded, bought and sold various businesses. From a hairdressing business in Sydney at 19 through to an international marketing company at 30. I have learnt from each and every experience. More recently, I stepped back to decide what I really want to focus on.

Currently, I own The Thrifty Issue which shares ways for Australians to make and save money. On Blended Nomads, we share our travels and blending a mixed-race family. I buy and resell websites so usually have a few at once such as Aspiring Millionaire and Piggy Bank Dreams.

With my partner, we own 3 investment properties in Vanuatu and another business in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are where we are focusing our business and time. Vanuatu is where my partner grew up, our family live there and his daughter/my bonus daughter lives in the Solomon Islands.

I will be expanding our real estate investments and business in the coming years and doing less client work. However, I will still take on a small number of clients for tourism marketing, writing and business consulting. Contact admin@kylietravers.com.au to ask about working with me.

How exactly did I go from homeless to happy? How to survive on Centrelink and then what steps do you take to change your life? How did I achieve the business success, awards and life I have now?

I’ve put together all the resources I used to create the life I have now, turn my obstacles into opportunities and balance my family life. Including how I was able to enter a relationship after abuse, how my partner and I blended our family and the 5 cultures we have.

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